Save The Smurfs

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I have been told that you are a fan of the Smurfs, so I'm sure you won't deny them a little help, right? The problem is that the villain Gargamel kidnapped a bunch of Smurfs and took them to his experimental lab, where I'm sure he won't do anything good to our buddies. Help them by destroying color-alike blocks aside.

Instructions: Help Papa Smurf to rescue all the Smurfs kidnapped by Gargamel. Reach Gargamel's castle and challenge him in multi-level puzzle game. Gargamel will release a Smurf for each level win by Papa Smurf. Click on magic portions, extra time and extra life that help you to complete the levels. Remove all of the blocks from the levels by clicking away combinations of the same colour. As more blocks you destroy with a single click, more score you get. If you make click to destroy just one block you will lose a life. Save The Smurfs is a game powered by Fans!

Category: Smurf Games

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Tags: Save The Smurfs, Smurf Games. Papa Smurf, Gargamel, puzzle


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